What’s Going On Here?

Being in a band is hard work! Sleeping in a bumpy bus, having heavy instruments strapped to our bodies, waking up at crazy early hours for interviews after drinking like we’re still in our 20’s.

We’re always on the hunt for ways to relax and repair. We know we aren’t the only ones with aching bones and frazzled nerves. 

CBD, a beautiful natural cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plants, soothes body and soul and helps us get over ourselves.

“I’ve been turning to CBD products for years now. To aid in sleep, massage sore muscles and relieve aching joints. Especially on tour!”

Zia McCabe

When offered the chance to partner with Flourishant to create our own line of CBD products it felt like an obvious yes. We created TDW CBD for you because we know everyone’s dealing with something, not just tired rockers. TDW CBD is carefully formulated, lab tested, great feeling — and no weaksauce. This stuff is yummy!

Now that we’re finally starting to tour again after all this Pandemic craziness, we get to enjoy our own products on the road. As you can see in this picture, Zia is alert and well-rested thanks to our To Sleep, Perchance to Dream tincture, while Courtney is slathered in Calm Down, Calm Down. Brent and Peter are trying to figure out who gets massaged first — either way, Dandys Say Relax!

Give it a try!